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Securing the Future: A Pulse Check on Cybersecurity Landscape 
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David Scanlan

Vice President of Information Technology

Atlanta Fine Homes


Joseph Folk

Director, Information Security



Jason Gherardini

Senior Vice

President IT

Sares Regis Group

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1 of 11. Gartner predicts that organizations will increase their cybersecurity spending by 14% this year. Do you agree? 
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
2 of 11. What best describes your role in cybersecurity and IT transformation initiatives within your organization?
3 of 11. How does your organization manage its current IT security measures to counteract potential cyber threats? (Select all that apply)
6 of 11. How do you forecast your organisation’s IT spending change in the next 6 – 12 months?
10 of 11. What is the set timeframe for evaluating and finalizing a suitable vendor for your organization’s cyber security needs?

Book a 20-minute Discovery Call with Atlas Systems, experts in cutting-edge IT security solutions. They provide comprehensive assessments tailored to uncover vulnerabilities and fortify defenses, ensuring robust protection against emerging cyber threats. Join this session to understand how their security strategies can align with your needs for compliance and resilience.

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4 of 11. Rate your organization's effectiveness at detecting and neutralizing sophisticated cyberattacks.
7 of 11. What percentage of your organization’s IT budget is allocated to cyber security initiatives?
11 of 11. Would your organization be open to a no-obligation security assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities and enhance your cybersecurity posture?
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