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Survey on Pipeline Generation Best Practices

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1 of 8. DemandMetric estimates that most B2B companies expect 2023 marketing budgets to be tighter than 2022. Do you agree?

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree

2 of 8. Please rate the importance of the following marketing approaches to your pipeline development in 2023.

a. ABM (Account Based Marketing)
b. Buyer-driven cross channel
c. Inbound/ Always-on
d. Outbound/ Demand generation
3 of 8. When it comes to Sales Development, which of these apply to you?
4 of 8. Which areas of Sales Development does your organization excel at? (Check all that apply)
5 of 8. What is your primary source of B2B Marketing Data/Lead Generation?

7 of 8. In light of a possible economic slowdown, what changes (if any) do you foresee in your organization’s pipeline generation outlay?*

a. Headcount for Inside Sales / SDRs/ AEs
b. Participation in events
c. Outsourced pay-per-performance leads
d. Content-driven inbound leads
8 of 8. To augment your RevOps with predictable pipeline generation from a high-quality outsourced demand gen partner, you would:

Our sponsor, ResponsePoint is a US-based, outsourced B2B Demand Generation Company. Since 2008, their RightLeads™ Decision-makers platform has fueled high-octane pipeline generation for HP, Vonage, IBM, Symantec, and many others.

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