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Ecommerce Trends and Insights Survey 2023
1 of 8. Which of the below functions do you influence at your Company?
2 of 8. Please rate the importance of ecommerce logistics operations at your company?
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
3 of 8. What are the biggest challenges you face in managing your ecommerce logistics operations? (Select all that apply)
4 of 8. Which shipping carrier(s) do you currently rely on?
5 of 8. For ecommerce shipments, how satisfied are you with your current carrier management process?
Very dissatisfieddissatisfiedneutralsatisfiedVery satisfied
6 of 8. When selecting carriers for your ecommerce operations, which are your most important criteria? (Select all that apply)
7 of 8. Are you seeking improvements or considering alternatives? Please be candid!
8 of 8. What are your time frames in evaluating alternative carriers?

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