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"Vonage supports its channel partner, Insight Panel, in reaching out to Business Communications Executives with exclusive offers."

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Andrew Frey 

(Sr. Director, Business Development)


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Dan Ernstberger

Head of Customer Experience

Paychex, Inc.

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Christopher Mitchell

Vice President

Bain Capital, LP

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Claire Rutkowski

Chief Information Officer

Bentley Systems

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Survey on Trends in Business Communications
1 of 8. Which business communications platform does your company use?
2 of 8. How many office phone lines does your company use?
3 of 8. Do any of these communication features interest you? (check all that apply)
4 of 8. Which CRM does your company use?
5 of 8. Do you take decisions on business communication services (IT, telephony, networking, etc.) for your company?
7 of 8. What challenges have you faced while using your current unified communication platform?
8 of 8. When does the contract for your Unified Communications service renew?

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