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Privacy Policy


Insight Panel considers itself to be a steward of industry-specific information that we collect, manage and provide. It is our responsibility to safeguard the information within our care and we are committed to managing our data in a secure and responsible manner. We provide products and services based on information about millions of businesses and business professionals. This privacy policy explains how Insight Panel collects, uses, manages, shares, and secures business professional and business contact data and information about website visitors and users of our products (“Data”). Our Data management practices are guided by our Global Privacy Principles. These Principles commit Insight Panel to the following tenets:

Accountability for Onward Transfer: Data is disclosed to third parties only for the purposes described in the notice and as permitted under applicable law, such as for purposes for which the individual has provided implicit or explicit consent. If Data is shared with third parties, we require contracts with those third parties that include limitations on use, provisions regarding compliance with comparable standards of security, and data handling procedures.

Data Integrity and Purpose Limitation: Insight Panel employs substantive measures to produce high-quality, timely, and reliable data, including direct contact with businesses and quality assurance procedures during data collection and processing. Data is used in a manner that is compatible with the purposes for which it was collected and authorized.

Access & Correction: Insight Panel provides businesses and business professionals with access to their business information within Insight Panels databases and with an opportunity to correct verified inaccuracies.

Data Security: Insight Panel applies appropriate technical, physical, and administrative data security measures to protect data against unauthorized access and disclosure.

Accountability: Insight Panel seeks to adhere to its Privacy Principles through ongoing compliance, training, documentation, assessment, and dispute resolution initiatives.

Insight Panel delivers products and services through the Internet more effectively and efficiently than ever before. As a leading provider of business information, our products and services serve to enable and enhance commerce. Our business customer needs to continue to evolve, as do public expectations about Data privacy and the technology that we employ to provide our products and services. Our approach to Data Privacy enables us to adapt and respond to these changes while remaining committed to our Principles.

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