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Trends in Life Sciences Industrial Automation

1 of 13. According to Mckinsey, Industrial companies plan to invest 25% of their capital in industrial automation over the next five years. Do you agree?

Very dissatisfiedSomewhat dissatisfiedNeutralSomewhat satisfiedVery satisfied
2 of 13. What best describes your role in Industrial Automation and Investments within your organization
3 of 13. Which new technologies in industrial automation within the Life sciences industry interests you?
4 of 13. Please select the top 3 most significant challenges that you face with your current automation systems (Check all that apply)
5 of 13. Which of the following advanced solutions are being considered as part of your organization's future automation strategy? (Check all that apply)
6 of 13. How is training and support for automation and software systems managed in your organization?
8 of 13. What performance metrics does your organization use to measure automation investment success?
11 of 13. What is the set timeframe for evaluating industrial automation solutions within your organization?
12 of 13. Do you plan on attending the 2024 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo on Oct 13-16th in Orlando, FL?

Our sponsor, Schneider Electric offers comprehensive solutions for the Life Sciences industry, focusing on enhancing efficiency, compliance, and innovation. They can help you improve productivity, sustainability, and agility, enabling organizations to meet the dynamic demands of healthcare and pharmaceutical markets.

When would you like to hear from a Schneider Electric Specialist to discuss enhancing industrial automation efforts in your organization?

The Gift Card promotion is exclusively available to survey participants who are willing to engage in a phone conversation with a Schneider Electric specialist within a one-month timeframe.

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