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Trends in Employee Benefits & Financial Wellness

1 of 7. What best describes your role in your organization’s Employee Benefits & Financial Wellness initiatives?
3 of 7. Please indicate the number of employees your company has in the United States?
4 of 7. According to the 2022 PwC Employee Financial Wellness survey, 56% of employees surveyed are suffering from financial stress. Is this the same for your organization?
5 of 7. Is your company offering any of the following financial well-being options to its employees? (Select all that apply)
6 of 7. What kind of financial support do your employees request, for overcoming financial stress or unexpected expenses? (Select all that apply)
7 of 7. Which of the following options best describes your consideration of an emergency savings program for your employees?

Schedule a 20-min Discovery Call with our sponsor: SecureSave  – An emergency savings solution that partners with employers to help employees build toward a healthy financial future.

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