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SURVEY: State of Third-Party Risk Management
1 of 10. Gartner Forecasts that Global Security and Risk Management Spending is set to Grow by 14% in 2024. Do you agree?
2 of 10. What best describes your role in Third-Party Risk Management initiatives within your organization?
3 of 10. What does the current scope of your third-party assessments entail? (Check all that apply)
4 of 10. How is your organization addressing third-party risk today? (Select all that apply)
5 of 10. How frequently does your organization conduct third-party risk assessments?
7 of 10. How big is your third-party risk assessment team?

8 of 10. What changes (if any) do you foresee in your organization's spending on third-party risk management for the following areas? 

a. Investment in third-party risk management tools and technologies
b. Enhancements in third-party risk assessment processes
c. Headcount for TPRM experts
d. Outsourcing to TPRM service providers
10 of 10. What is the set timeframe for completing vendor evaluation and finalizing a suitable vendor for your TPRM requirements?

Schedule a 20-min Discovery Call with our sponsor: Atlas Systems a leading IT Services provider that has helped Fortune 1000 companies manage their third-party lifecycles right from due diligence, contracting until off boarding.

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